Contractor Services

Competitive Summary / Position

We work closely with you to successfully deliver on our remodeling and renovation services and commitments. Use our remodeling services to make your condo residence or home comfortable, sophisticated and welcoming.


Clients value clear communication of the work schedule to allow the opportunity to adjust their daily routine and schedule.  We make sure to evaluate the details of every remodeling project to fully understand and communicate the time frame to complete the work. Material orders and deliveries are carefully coordinated to ensure they arrive when they are ready to be installed. This attention to material management minimizes the need to store material at your property where storage options may be limited or nonexistent.

We pride ourselves as being ‘Condo Specialists’. Most condo owners are unfamiliar with the rules, regulations and process imposed by Property Management to perform remodeling work within their residence. No worries! Prior to starting any remodeling work we hold a meeting with property management to organize a plan to perform our services and minimize disruption to their facilities. Apart from presenting our credentials, we collectively discuss working hours, access points and elevator transportation for workers and materials as well as protection, cleanup and waste removal plans. The outcome of the meeting generates a comprehensive working plan to allow us to efficiently perform our services and minimize unnecessary noise and cleanup concerns.

The process of obtaining a permit can be a hassle. You can feel at ease knowing experienced professionals are effectively managing your permit application through the government bureaucracy. Each city jurisdiction has separate requirements to apply for a permit. The requirements are typically forms with supporting documentation that are not readily available. We work with a network of professionals and city officials to develop and submit a complete permit application package. We continue to work with our network to manage the review process of the permit application until it is issued.