Investment Value

Improve your property value

Homeowner Client
Real Estate professionals suggest investing in property improvements that result in a competitive and marketable advantage for any future property rental or sale. Remodel to help your property stand out and appeal to buyers compared to other properties in your neighborhood. Improvements such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as increased storage space typically provide the best return on investment compared to other improvement options. Remodel now so you can enjoy the new comfort and style before you sell your property.

Landlord Client
The average tenant rents for 2‐3 years. We understand that a landlord’s greatest expense is vacancy and repairs. Landlords contract us because they understand the value proposition of our product and services. We perform detailed refurbishment of the property as quickly as possible in preparation for new tenants.

Investor Client
We understand the need of our investor clients to achieve their After‐Repair‐ Value (ARV) as quickly as possible so they can re‐sell the property for maximum return. We work with clients on design parameters to stay within their budget and maintain the schedule